Welcome to Bobbie’sBeat!

I live in Gibsons a beautiful little town of  about 4,500 folks on the west coast of British Columbia. Here, I dabble in interests that were set on the back burner when I was working full time, not so long ago!

A bit of a nomad, I’ve lived and worked in several locations in western and northern Canada,  as well as in England and Indonesia. Travel destinations have been Asia, Western Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, the Balkans, and Central America.

Interest and intrigue have been constant companions at every stop along my beat, and curiosity keeps my feet on the path. I love living in my corner of this planet, while trying to visit as many other corners as I can. Sometimes afar, sometimes close to home, sometimes completely new, sometimes an old favourite through a new lens……..come discover my beat with me!

They might not all catch your fancy, but I’m guessing some of them will!


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